Harness Investment Management Inc. Launches in Vancouver; Forms Strategic Partnership with North Vancouver-based VELA Wealth

    16th December, 2019

    Harness Investment Management is excited to announce the opening of its office in Vancouver, BC. Harness Investment Management is a technology-driven investment counsel firm focused on partnering strategically with professional planning and accounting firms to offer full discretionary investment management to its clients. By working together, Harness and its partners will be able to better serve families, corporations and trusts in enhancing their overall financial well-being.

    In addition, Harness is thrilled to announce that VELA Wealth will be its first strategic partner in BC. VELA is based in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver and offers a full spectrum of wealth advisory services to its clients. VELA was founded by Jason Boudreau in 2007 and has developed into a premium wealth planning firm serving high-net worth families across Canada.

    Harness will give VELA clients full access to robust and sophisticated investment products that are well diversified and low cost. In addition to providing clients with access to a broad product shelf, Harness has worked with Purpose Investments to develop model portfolios that will leverage Purpose Investments’ award-winning investment funds to provide a unique, best-in-class solution to enable VELA’s clients to achieve their financial goals.

    “We hear regularly from people that they have an overall feeling of unease with capital markets as a result of past experiences. Furthermore they feel like their investment questions have never been answered, their current portfolio manager does not have their best interest at heart, and they are paying far too much in fees for little or no value added.”, said Harness Portfolio Manager Keith Allan. “Our goal is to provide the best possible investment experience for our clients. By partnering with a well-respected and established firm like VELA, we know that the solutions created will transcend conventional wealth management.”

    VELA Founder and Principal Jason Boudreau echoes Keith’s statements, “VELA has always been dedicated to consistently delivering thoughtful, best-in-class solutions for our clients. Our culture is shaped by transparency, quality and continuous-improvement and our partnership with Harness allows us to both “round-out” and elevate our offering to the families we are fortunate to serve. It’s an ideal relationship with a focus on what we believe is the future of the wealth advisory business, whereby these best-in-class solutions will be delivered with a requirement to put the client’s interests first. The client will ultimately be at the center of everything, by connecting an ecosystem of advisors, collateral professionals and institutions. We call this the Client Advocacy Model and strongly believe it’s the approach to embrace in order to stay closely-connected and relevant to our clients both now and in the future.”

    Through the tight integration of Harness’ portfolio management capabilities and VELA’s advanced financial, estate and risk management services, clients will have access to a solution that can ultimately serve their complete needs through one key relationship. This integration enables continuity throughout the decision-making process and will serve clients well moving forward as they develop their overall wealth plan for both current and future generations.

    Harness Investment Management

    Harness Investment Management is a fully discretionary investment counselling firm. Harness focuses on delivering tailored and integrated investment management solutions to high net worth individuals and their families. Harness works with a client’s trusted advisors to keep them on the path to achieving their financial goals through industry-leading software that offers a full digital experience from account opening to portfolio reporting and beyond.

    VELA Wealth

    VELA Wealth guides successful entrepreneurs and their families in making meaningful decisions at the intersection of their life and their wealth. VELA Wealth is committed to empowering those they advise with a clear plan for the impact of their wealth both now and for generations to come.
    Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, VELA Wealth subscribes to the idea that the path of life is not a straight line, it is a unique series of detours. As a team, we adapt to changes within an ever-evolving marketplace, breaking from tradition, bringing fresh perspectives, and continuing to adopt new technologies and innovations to stay ahead of the curve.

    Having the ongoing privilege of serving successful enterprising individuals and families, we have the experience and expertise to understand your unique set of circumstances and deliver the solutions that matter most to you and your family.

    Our clients trust us to be their ‘quarterback’.

    (1) Harness Investment Management and Purpose Investments are related entities as a result of sharing certain influential security holders.

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