Wealth management isn’t one-size-fits-all

Learn more about our strategies we employ to bring you an effective investment experience.

A comprehensive set of innovative financial solutions curated to complement your core investment portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Alternative Investments

Enhance diversification and reduce gaps in your portfolio without sacrificing liquidity.

Cash Management

Earn GIC-like yield on cash without lock-up periods or market volatility.

In-kind Exchange

Reduce exposure to concentrated positions and diversify your portfolio while deferring upfront capital gains

Longevity Pension Solutions

Confidence in retirement by creating recurring income similar to defined benefit plans.

Private Assets

Access to Private Equity, Private Credit, and Real Estate, while simplifying tax reporting.

Our sub-advisors

We partner with leading investment managers to deliver best-in-class investment solutions to clients, selecting managers with broad experience, proven expertise, and an investment philosophy that aligns with our own.

Purpose Investments is a leading independent Canadian institutional asset manager with more than $20 billion of assets under management. Their experience and expertise is broad, including active equities, cryptocurrency, active fixed income as well as both traditional and risk-managed alternative investment strategies. Their objective is to deliver resilient and cost-efficient solutions to help clients reach their financial goals.


Harness Active

Forstrong Global employs a macro thematic approach that identifies significant long-term secular trends and their underlying influences on markets. Often contrary to the prevailing wisdom, these “undercurrents” signal important changes before they are readily recognizable. By focusing on themes vs. securities selection, they can generate returns that have a lower correlation to the overall market and provide a smart complement to traditional bottom-up approaches.


Global Series

BCV is an independent Canadian asset management firm. They are value investors, looking for high-quality companies that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value (with a North American focus). These companies must pay a dividend and have the potential to increase their dividend in the future. On the fixed income component of their portfolios, BCV holds investment-grade corporate bonds which are diversified by issuer and term to maturity. A modified laddered approach is used when creating bond portfolios in order to minimize reinvestment and interest rate risk.


North American Series

Lionridge is an independent portfolio manager whose primary objective is to protect and grow investor capital in a rational, consistent manner. They take a disciplined value approach to investing; seeking out quality companies that they believe are attractively priced in relation to their intrinsic value, with a significant emphasis on the management of risk.


Core Series

Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1992, Cardinal Capital Management is an employee-owned investment management firm providing conservative investment management services to individual investors and institutions. The Investment team has over a 100+ years’ experience in the investment industry. Since inception, Cardinal has adhered to a dividend focused strategy and now manages over $3 billion in client assets. Portfolios are built with large-cap, high-quality stocks selling at below average valuations and investment grade fixed income.


PM Series